Goodreads Reading Challenge

goodreadsI am not being asked to do a Goodreads review. I am not affiliated with Goodreads. All views are 100% my own.

I have always been a fan of books. I used to be a Goosebumps fanatic. Grant it, I used to read maybe 5-6 books a year, but I loved it regardless. Now that I am planning to become a published author, I know that I need to read more. I will need to read not only for pleasure, but for work as well. Research, techniques, and just practice in general will help me become a better writer.

5 years ago I discovered the most wonderful reading site called Goodreads. It has been a wonderful experience! I won’t go into the details of how Goodreads works, but the general idea is to keep track of what you want to read, what you’ve already read, and how you rated the books. It is not a site to buy books. Just to rate and discover. Goodreads gives you recommendations. The more you rate, the more recommendations you receive. There are very few books that I’ve tried to find that I haven’t been able to find, including children’s books!

There is a challenge each year on Goodreads as well. You can set a goal and try to reach that goal. The prize is bragging rights, which is good enough for me. So far, I have not reached my 50 book goal. In 2013 I read 32 books. 2014 I read 28 books. 2015, I’m embarrassed to say, I only read 7! And finally, last year I read 25.

So needless to say, I have not put forth a great effort. This year I am doing a lot better. I have read 8 books so far, almost halfway through my 9th.

When I reach my 50 book goal, the next year will be a goal of 100. Then the next 150. And so on. My lifetime goal is to be able to read 300 books a year!

Do you love to read? What’s your reading goal. Why do you love to read? Let me know in the comments.




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