The Guardian (Fight for Light #1) by Nikki Landis – 2 Star Review



Read: February 6, 2017

“Rhiannon, I…I’m drawn to you… like a moth to a flame… It’s exquisite torture and beautiful surrender all in one.”

I hate doing this… Giving a book a 2 star, especially an indie. Writing a book is hard, ya know! I know, because I’m also a writer, though I’ve never finished a book. But I couldn’t bring myself to give this book more than 2/5 stars. It’s actually a generous 2 star.

Here’s why: It’s incomplete.

I should have known when I saw that the book was 209 pages that it would be too short, but dang! It stopped at page 178 (glossary and such at end)! I was still willing to give it a chance though. I’ve read a few awesome novellas that were a complete, comprehensive, wonderful story. Example: any from author [author:Leigh Bardugo|4575289].

It’s not really the ending that I had problems with. Well, a little. It was definitely a cliff hanger and the story wouldn’t be complete without a sequel. So yeah that was a huge part. But what was worse was it felt like Nikki Landis was rushing the story. She went through days, even a week, with just one to two sentences. This is okay in moderation but it was all the time. Come on, I want DETAILS!!! You have 300-450 pages for a good novel, get that word count girl! There’s no point in finishing and publishing if you don’t tell the story.

And please, stop with the clichés! Average looking girl. Hot new guy. He falls in love with her instantly. He’s her protector. She has a big, important destiny. OMG PROM. Even a rich, apparently snobby best friend. And I love young adult novels… But it’s too much. If you’re going to do clichés, do it right. If not, be creative. Tropes, tropes, tropes!

Overall, I just think that it’s very unpolished, trope filled, amateur, and needs more work. It’s sad too, because it had quite a bit of potential. I have considered reading some of Nikki’s other work, but I just don’t know…

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