Book Giveaway Time!


Howdy everybody!

So I recently won a book from Goodreads called Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton. I was surprised to find that she had sent me not one, but TWO copies! One is to give to a friend, because she knew that I would want to share after reading. That, to me, is pretty neat!

Alas… I had no takers from my friends on Facebook. 😦

You see… most of my friends don’t read. Or at least, most that I know IRL. But I have tons of friends in my Coffee Break Goodreads group, and of course they read!

So it was decided. I will hold a giveaway! This book is for members of my Coffee Break Group for our buddy reads. This is also a USA ONLY giveaway because I will have to pay for shipping. When you receive your book, I will set up a buddy read, and we will discuss the book as we read, like our regular Buddy Reads. Rating and reviewing is not required, but I’m sure Sharon would appreciate it!

So, to sum it up, to win this book:
> You must be a member of my Goodreads group.
> You must have a USA address.
> You must stick around for the buddy read with yours truly.



Question for Rafflecopter Blog Post:
What is your favorite mystery book and/or author?


13 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Time!

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